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Electric Standby Generators in Bergen County, New Jersey

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Emergency Generator - Electric Standby Generators in Saddle River, NJ
Generators are a great choice for many people. Given certain variables like hurricanes, snow storms, and electrical accidents- having a generator is an easy solution to power outages. It is hard to predict whether or not you will be one of the millions of Americans affected by power outages, but you can take this simple step to protecting yourself from a potentially powerful outcome.

Installation of emergency backup power for your home or business is a smart precaution. At Capuano Plumbing, Inc. we can install electric standby generators to meet your budget, from a manual transfer switch that connects to a portable generator all the way up to a whole house generator system with automatic transfer switch. Call us now and we will be happy to go over all your possible options!


With a Generac electric standby generator, your home or business will be back to power within seconds even if you are not there. Not only is using Generac generators a powerful solution, but it is also simple and clean. As a self-sustaining power, our licensed and certified technicians can install and repair your generator ensuring you maintain power to your home at all time. An exterior unit, the Generac generator will be easily accessible and resemble an a/c unit outside of your home. There is no stress over extension cords, fuel tanks, or switches. Rely on a Generac generator for the peace of mind you need, no matter what storms of life come your way.